Solutions for Real Estate Professionals

We assist real estate professionals to close more deals when the client/borrower are in the following circumstances:


Cannot provide tax returns (various reasons). We can use Bank Statement Deposits to prove income (Business or Personal).

Recent Credit Events

Bankruptcies, Foreclosures, Short Sales, Mortgage lates – Can lend 24 hours after a credit event.

Foreign Nationals

Aggressive No Income, No Credit programs.


Stated Income programs using rental income to qualify.

If your client is having problems qualifying for a mortgage, we may have the option that saves your deal. Due to our experience and extensive knowledge of a wide array of products, we have saved and closed deals others could not.

Real Estate Professionals Want to Work with OUR TEAM because

We Have T.A.C.T.

  • Teamwork

    We know we are on the same team. This is a partnership, A partnership that we value tremendously. Our team is dedicated to working alongside you and making you look like a rockstar by closing the deal.

  • Accountability

    We answer our phones and respond quickly to texts and emails. We do not run from delivering news to both you and your client. You will always be able to find us.

  • Communication

    We provide a clear timeline for agents and borrowers. All aspects of loan processing are tracked through milestones to provide clarity. We set realistic expectations all along the way.

  • Trust

    Not every client is going to qualify for a loan. Sometimes clients need to put in some work and time to qualify for a purchase loan. We pride ourselves on providing our clients and partners with actual programs & rates that fit their situation. We feel that this upfront, honest approach is the only way to do business. If the client qualifies, we will provide a written proposal indicating all aspects about the loan and program. If the client does not qualify, we do not waste time leading everybody along on a loan that does not work. Honesty builds trust and trust is the bridge we aim to build with our clients and partners.

We are a relationship-driven business and prefer long-term value over one-off transactions. We look forward to working with you on your next challenging deal.

Here are some program highlights:

  • Rates Start at: 4.99%
  • Loan Amounts to $5,000,000
  • 95% Loan to Value with NO MI
  • NO Tax Return, No 4506, No W2, No Paycheck Stubs!
  • No Seasoning required from Credit Event
  • Investment Property: Stated Income. We use Rents to Qualify
  • Credit Scores Down to 500
  • No Reserve Requirements
  • No Gov. High Balance restrictions
  • No prepayment penalty on most programs